We believe that part of running a successful business is not only about what you can offer, but also about what you can give back. We find as much time as possible to give back to not for profit businesses and charities amongst our local community. Some of the details of the work we have done are below.

Sam's Backyard Blitz, Morwell.
When we found out about a young 16 year old boy, Sam Tormey, who was bravely fighting cancer, the Royal Fox Crew all committed to helping him out. With the aid of one of his school teachers, a crew of around 30 volunteers gathered together for a weekend blitz on his backyard. With kind donations and plenty of hard work the garden ended up being a great success. Unfortunately Sam would pass away a few weeks later and not get to enjoy his new garden as much as we all would have wished.
We will fondly remember the time we got to spend helping this young man enjoy his last few weeks alive and feel blessed to have been able to influence his life in any way.
Pictures of the blitz are located on the portfolio page.

Isabellas Fairy Garden, Ararat.
Isabella passed away in a tragic car accident in 2016. When we heard that the family intended to build a fairy garden to remember her by, we were more than happy to put our hands up for the job. The local community rallied around us, with the news giving regular updates on the progress of the garden, we managed to gain enough sponsors to build a garden that Isabella could be fondly remembered in for years to come.
Pictures of her garden are locasterd on the portfolio page.

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